Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Give Hug a chance

Someone asked me today why this blog had no comments made yet? I don't know?
I have no answer to that.....
This is new to me ... blogging about hugging. I am really out on a limb here.
I could really use a HUG! [he he he].

So if you do pop by this blog - let me know when the last time someone gave you a HUG for starters...lets get the ball rolling.

The last hug I had was today from my flat-mate Kate. I have bronchitis and I think she feels badly for me....:(
It did feel good I must say. You always want a bit of attention when you feel poorly.

Now it's your turn!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sonja,

I hope you will be available for a hugging on Saturday! Sounds like a great idea. We all need a little more love ;)

Anonymous said...

Hugs are the best hangover cure ever!!

Anonymous said...

My favourite hug EVER was from Miss Sonja.

Come on Toronto, give it a little squeeze this Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sonja, wanna give you a 20-second long-distant hug from Berlin. Get well soon and take a lot of Vitamin C.

Anonymous said...

Last time I hugged somebody was in celebration of my early acceptance to uni!!!!
xo Marie

kate said...

My birthday was yeaterday Jan.23 so I received a lot hugs and warm wishes. But the actual last hug I received was a virtual hug from an old room-mate via email I received today. squeeeezzzzeeee. gets the idea across.

Rachel said...

I hug my little boy about a hundred times a day!! Well he always says, 'can I have a hug mam?' too sweet!!

Anonymous said...

I am a grade one teacher and I get unconditional love and hugs everyday! It is the best job ever and I absolutely love it! My cup runneth over with hugs!

:) Nina

Anonymous said...

The last Hug I got was from my 2 year old daughter. She is going to bed, so gives great hugs at this time of night, in the hope that she won't really have to go to bed just yet. A hug from a child is a wonderful thing. To feel those little arms around you, and that head against your neck - very little can beat the sense of love you feel for that little one.

The best hugs? I think from my friend from art school - great guy, best friend, never a date, but he knew how to give a person a hug... full contact, a nice squeeze - I used to get as many as I could...

Hugs, in my opinion, are the best form of affection.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kate!!!