Thursday, January 25, 2007

3 more days till critical mass HUG!

Only 3 more days until HUG DAY – this Saturday, 3 p.m. Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto.

Now may be a good time to ask. What are your thoughts on sharing HUGS with people you don’t know; in the spirit of creating a warming friendlier community?

I personally find living in bigger urban centres impersonal and cold.
For instance, I don’t mind when someone beside me on the subway strikes up a conversation. Or someone chats to me in a shopping aisle of the supermarket.
When I lived abroad one of my favorite places to go on business was Cardiff, in Wales.
I have never been to a more friendly small city! People there really take the time to stop and have a chat. They ask questions about you; tell you a bit about themselves, and then meander on with their day…….ahhhhhhhh.

So if you are getting warm fuzzies at the thought of being a part of this special day…only 3 days away…just scroll down to the end of the blog and all the info about Saturday is there.

I will be the gal in the red hat!


Anonymous said...

for warm fuzzies see:

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a nice, touchy, feely, hug especially when the person you're hugging smells like cocoa butter and lightly scented vanilla. Mmmm, sweet hugs and smells. That's enough to get me going and... yeah. Sweet hugs are good.

J. Calzone